Desiree Stimson-Greek

Desiree Stimson-Greek



CrossFit L1 Certification

CrossFit Kettlebell Certification

Schwinn Cycle Instructor Certification.

About Coach

It doesn't matter how good you are, or how strong or fit you are, it's about showing up and doing the work. It's YOUR journey and it's my endeavor to help you to attain your fitness goals. You just have to start. You've got this!!

Turning Point

One day I woke up with a swollen toe and within 2 weeks I could barely walk. 9 months later I was bed-ridden. It took numerous doctors, visits, and tests to determine that I had Psoriatic Arthritis! 21 pills later, I was able to walk again. (Sort of.) Eventually, I found a drug combination, which I'm still on today, that allowed me to function again. And all with only periodic pain. It was a miracle! The only caveat was that during much of this time I had been on a steroid, and had gained over 80 lbs. A friend suggested that I try CrossFit, and after my first session, I was hooked! Granted, I was in pain, but it was muscle soreness, not joint pain. After about 18 months of training, I lost 80# and I decided that I needed to understand more about this fitness phenomenon that gave me my life back, and got my CrossFit Level 1 certification. Not only has CrossFit given me new life, but it has given me the strength in not only my body but my mind as well. And the added bonus of a whole community of like-minded individuals that are ready and willing to support and lift you up when you need it most. Welcome to #InversionNation!

Motivation & Passion

The reason I chose to coach was to help others on their journey, whatever that looks like. Whether it's to prepare for a race, certification, competition or just to be your "best" self. I think I can speak for all of the coaches here at CFI, we are here for YOU. It's why we coach. We want to help. You're stronger than you know, in mind and spirit, and together we can help you achieve your goals.

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