Freddy Ruiz

Freddy Ruiz


Back squat is 450lbs

Jerk is 340lbs

Clean is 330lbs

Clean and Jerk is 330lbs

Snatch is 260lbs

Deadlift 520lbs

Fran score is 2:43


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

About Coach

I have played multiple sports from baseball, track, wrestling, and football which are only some of the sports I played. My main sports were football and wrestling, To where I played football through college as an inside linebacker for Allegheny College. Also, how I became to be a coach was when I began lifting for football. As I was doing team workouts I fell in love with working out and helping teammates getting better and stronger with me. From there it only got stronger my love for working out, to where my senior year of college I began doing a couple of CrossFit workouts. After integrated these workouts into my training routine, it created a drive and passion that I have today for CrossFit. Since the beginning of my time in CrossFit, I have helped friends and family be healthier and fitter through my years of fitness, and with this, I have grown a love for coaching and helping others achieve their goals. I have competed in a couple of competitions and love the atmosphere and plan to keep on doing it.

Turning Point

My turning point was when I was going into my sophomore of college, where I saw myself letting go of how I looked and felt for training and general health and my family has had multiple health issues to where I’ve lost many family members over our health. All of this has made me want to watch out for my health and my fitness since the two go together. Once I have since the change and the difference I’ve noticed was amazing and I have never looked back.

Motivation & Passion

My passion for coaching is helping others achieve their goals, whether it’s losing weight, getting a fast time in a workout, or getting a new personal record. I love the feeling of people being amazed by what they can do when they thought they could never do it and that is amazing to witness. Witnessing people breaking their own barriers is what I love to see and what for every single person I coach and I will do whatever possible to help them achieve their goals.

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