Mackenzie Sheehan

Mackenzie Sheehan


6:14 min mile

Spartan race finisher

20:57 min 5k


Crossfit Level 2 Trainer

Bachelor's Degree in Leadership and Business Management;

Over 4 years of Crossfit Experience

About Coach

I played club soccer all throughout my youth before graduating high school. I played competitively in Boston and then moved to Hawaii where I found and began Crossfit. Since then; that, along with swimming and running obstacle course races has become the focus of my fitness journey.

Turning Point

I definitely have wrestled a lot with self-doubt throughout life. When I come into the gym I have an opportunity every day to walk out in the opposite of that doubt: confidence and risk. There's always a risk that failure is possible, but learning to look at that failure as an opportunity for growth is something that everyone can learn to do.

Motivation & Passion

I love helping people find the competitive athlete inside of them. Specifically, I love watching people surprise themselves by breaking through barriers that they thought were immovable. When an athlete jumps on a box for the first time, lands a new lift, or surprises themselves by getting to the top of a rope climb despite all of the doubt: that is why I love coaching.

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