Garrett Scales

Garrett Scales


Marine Corps for 12 years.

Drill instructor for 3 years.


CrossFit Level 2 certification.

Many years of leadership and time management training in the the Marine Corps.

About Coach

When I graduated high school I went straight into the Marine Corps and stayed there for 13 years. I met my wife in my 11th year and started to come to the realization that deployments were not something I wanted to do with a family starting. I took one last deployment to Afghanistan in 2014 and decided that that would be the last. On one of my deployments while on a Naval Ship, I was introduced to CrossFit and was on board right away with it. When deciding to get out of the military I thought about what I would love to do most and it was to open my own CrossFit gym. So that is what I did, in September of 2015 we opened the doors of CrossFit Inversion in Yorba Linda, CA. Since then we have opened our second location in Orange, CA and we have not looked back since. I learned leadership, time management, and hard work in the military and have found that those skills are some of the most important needed to be successful as a small business owner.

Turning Point

My turning point would be the last deployment to Afghanistan. I was gone for 10 months and was ready to be home for good. It was not easy to leave what you know for 13 years to take on something completely different but I knew that I wanted to be my own boss and I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my family.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is my passion for fitness and helping others find health, strength, and confidence. I truly believe in the concept of CrossFit and its ability to reach everyone at every level and help all people at all stages in life reach a healthy lifestyle they have always wanted but weren't sure how to get there.

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